Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups, also known as cell groups in other churches, are small groups of individuals who come together to grow in their faith and build meaningful relationships with one another. These groups are usually made up of 5-12 members who meet regularly, often on a biweekly basis, in someone’s home or at the church.

The purpose of Discipleship Groups is to provide a space for individuals to engage in intentional discipleship, where they can learn and apply the teachings of the Bible to their everyday lives. Members of these groups encourage one another to live out their faith in practical ways, to support each other in prayer, and to hold each other accountable for their spiritual growth.

Discipleship Groups also provide a sense of community and belonging within the larger church. These smaller groups allow for deeper relationships to be formed, and members can find support and encouragement from one another as they navigate the ups and downs of life.

The format of Discipleship Groups can vary depending on the needs and preferences of the group members. Some groups may follow a specific study or curriculum, while others may have a more flexible approach. The focus is on building relationships, growing in faith, and supporting one another.

Overall, Discipleship Groups play a crucial role in the spiritual growth and development of individuals within the church. They provide a safe and supportive environment for members to deepen their relationship with God and with each other.

Leaders:   Revd Gary Chng & Bro Eugene Khoo

We welcome families who are willing to host a DG group at their homes.

Updated as of July 2022

1.   “ABLAZE” DG
I/C :   Grace Yap
Venue: Potong Pasir Blk 137/139 (1st & 3rd Fridays)

2.  “Makan Kakis” DG
I/C   :   Etheria Nanang
2I/C :   Nola Lee
Venue : Rosyth (Saturdays)

3.   “PP120” DG
I/C    :   Sally Chan – Lim
2 I/C :   Morna Ko
Venue : Potong Pasir Blk 120 (Saturdays)

I/C  :  Albert Lim
2I/C : Jimmy Lee
Venue : Potong Pasir Blk 139

5.   “PP122” DG
I/C   :   Dr Joseph Sau
2I/C  :  Lisa Sau
Venue  :  Potong Pasir Blk 122

I/C   :   Peter Wee
2I/C :   Chris Kee
Venue : Rotating between Punggol/Thomson (Saturdays)

7.   “CHUMS” DG
I/C   :   Vivien Do
Venue : TBC

8.   “DOVE” DG
I/C   :   Dr Luke Yik
Venue :  Thomson

I/C   : Eugene Khoo
2I/C : Jerry Goh / Lawrence Boey
Venue : Farrer Road/Hougang

I/C   :  David How
2I/C :  Phyllis Wee
Venue : Eastwood (Saturdays)

11.   “OASIS” DG
I/C   :  Anderson Teo
2I/C :  Carine Seng
Venue : Boon Keng  (1st & 3rd Fridays)

I/C   :  Thomas Tan
2I/C :  Helen Ang / Ivan Lim
Venue : Toa Payoh / Serangoon

13.    “SALT & LIGHT” DG
I/C   :  Anson Yoo
2I/C :  Janice Soh
Venue : Geylang East (Saturdays)

I/C  :   Henry Lee
2I/C :  Helena Leung / Agnes Lee
Venue : Sembawang

15.   “GIFT” DG
I/C  :  Dave Khoo
Venue : No specific location

16.   “SHAMAR” DG
I/C  :  Brandon Teo / Danny Siew / Luke Teo
Venue : Potong Pasir / Goldhill Ave / Thomson

17.   “MILK & HONEY” DG
I/C : Daryl Tan
2I/C : Galven Lee
Venue : Potong Pasir

I/C : Brandon Teo
Venue : Potong Pasir

I/C  :  Peter Low
Venue : Potong Pasir

I/C  :  Samuel Chuang
Venue : Sennett

21.  DOTS Youth DG
I/C  :  Stephen Yew, Melvin Gan, Samuel Leong, Peter Low, Sue Jin Wong
Venue : Potong Pasir