The Altar Ministry is an essential group of volunteers that supports the church by assisting in the preparation of the Holy Communion and taking charge of the floral arrangements for the altar table. This group of dedicated volunteers consists of individuals who are passionate about serving and committed to ensuring that the church’s altar is appropriately decorated for worship services.

The Altar Ministry is responsible for setting up the altar table and arranging the elements of Holy Communion, including the bread and wine, in preparation for worship services. They work diligently to ensure that the altar is prepared in a manner that is appropriate for the specific worship service, taking into account the season and liturgical calendar. They take great care to ensure that the altar is clean, the linens are fresh, and the elements are arranged beautifully.

Additionally, the Altar Ministry is responsible for the floral arrangements that adorn the altar table. They carefully select flowers and greenery that complement the liturgical season and enhance the worship experience. These volunteers are often skilled in floral arrangement and design, and they work to create visually stunning displays that add to the overall beauty and solemnity of the worship space.

The members of the Altar Ministry are volunteers who are committed to serving the church and are passionate about their work. They are often involved in other aspects of church life and are deeply invested in the spiritual well-being of the community. Their dedication to the church’s altar and their commitment to creating a worshipful atmosphere is a testament to their love for God and their desire to serve His people.

MINISTRY TEAM:  Ms Josephine Yong Fe Ping + Team

Volunteers prepares the flowers that grace the altar

Volunteers prepare the elements for Holy Communion