English Cong./PCC

PCC 2018/2019

Vicar : Rev Michael Teh

Priest : Rev Steven Chong (Mandarin Congregation)

Priest : Rev Gary Chng

Vicar's Warden : Georgie Lee

People's Warden : Eugene Khoo

Synod Rep : Tan Kah Ho (2nd of 3 years - Final Session)

Synod Rep : Benjamin Lee (2nd of 3 years)

Hon. Secretary : Andrew Chau 

Hon. Treasurer : David How

Member : David Ng

Member : Stephen Yew

Member : Seow Boon Ann (James)

Member : Timothy Lim


PCC 2017/2018

Vicar   : Rev Michael Teh

Priest  : Rev Joseph You (until 31st Jan 2018)/Rev Gary Chng (wef 1st Feb 2018)

Priest  : Rev Steven Chong (Mandarin Congregation)

Vicar's Warden : Georgie Lee (also representing CHS at B.O.G.)

People's Warden : Eugene Khoo

Synod Rep  :  Tan Kah Ho (Final Session of 3 years)

Synod Rep  :  Benjamin Lee Meng Chiang (1st Session of 3 years)

Hon. Secretary : Andrew Chau

Hon. Treasurer : David How

Member      :  Pang Say Kong (Mandarin Congregation)

Member      :  Stephen Yew (Co-opted)

Member      :  (Vacant and to be filled)

Member      :  (Vacant and to be filled)


PCC 2016/2017

Vicar     :  Rev Michael Teh 

Priest    :  Rev Joseph You

Priest    :  Rev Wong Kok Yean

Vicar's Warden   :  Brandon Teo

People's Warden :  Eugene Khoo

Synod Rep         :  Dr Jimmy How (3rd of 3 years)

Synod Rep         :  Tan Kah Ho (3rd of 3 years)

Member             :  Edwin Chng

Member             :  Henry Lee

Member             :  Pang Say Kong

Member             :  Georgie Lee (also representing CHS at SASS B.O.G.)


CHS STAFF (1st Jan 2017 - current)

Vicar: Rev Michael Teh

Priest : Rev Joseph You (Assistant Chaplain & Youth Pastor)

Priest : Rev Steven Chong (Mandarin Congregation)

Ministry Staff : Daren Hoon (BB + Special Projects)

Ministry Staff : Jenny Tan (Children Ministry + Communications)

Ministry Staff : Nelson (Young People - School + Youth)

Pastoral Admin Pauline Oi

Admin Officer  Grace Yap

Verger : Tei Beng San

Location :English Service at Sanctuary (Level 2) from 10.30 am to 12.15 pm

              Mandarin Service at Ground Floor Hall from 10.30 am to 12.15 pm

              Tamil Service at Ground Floor Hall from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm




Sunday Services (2016)


3rd Jan   -   Ps Michael

10th Jan -   Bro Georgie Lee + Bro Galven Lee

17th Jan -   Ps Joseph

24th Jan -   Ps Ben Lee

31st Jan -   Ps Joseph (Vicar on ACROSS trip to Cebu)


7th Feb  -  Ps Wilfred

14th Feb -  Ps Joseph

21st Feb -  Ps Michael 

28th Feb -  Ps Benjamin (Tamil Cong joining svc + 3 candidates to be baptised)


6th Mar  -  Ps Joseph You

13th Mar - Mrs Eunice Tay (Women Sunday)

20th Mar - Ps Michael (AGM Sunday Svc at 9.30 am)

25th Mar - Good Friday Svc - Ps Michael 

27th Mar - Resurrection Sunday Svc - Ps Joseph


3rd Apr  -  Ps Michael Teh (BB Enrolment Svc)

10th Apr - Dr Reaksa (Cambodian) (Vicar on ACROSS trip to Cebu)

17th Apr - (HC) Ps Ben Lee

24th Apr - Dr Jimmy How (SACH/SAMH Sunday + Evergreen Ministry 1st Anniv.)


1st May  -  Bro Joseph Chean

8th May  -  (HC) Ps Joseph You (Mothers' Day)

15th May - Bro Khoo Oon Theam (Pentecost Sunday)

22nd May - (HC) Ps Ben Lee (Ps Joe preaching at St Hilda's Church)

29th May - Ps Michael Teh (Ps Joseph on leave)


5th Jun  -   Ps Wilfred (Ps Michael attending Anglican Conference in M'sia)

12th Jun -  Ps Michael 

19th Jun -  Ps Joseph (Vicar on personal leave) (FATHER'S DAY)

26th Jun -  Rev Dr Amos Jayarathnam


3rd Jul   -   (HC) Ps Joseph

10th Jul -   Ps Ben Lee (YOUTH SUNDAY)

17th Jul -   (HC) Bishop John Chew (CONFIRMATION SERVICE)

24th Jul -   Ps Michael (Reboot 1 of 6)



7th Aug -   Ps Michael (Reboot 2 of 6) (HC)

14th Aug - Ps Michael (Reboot 3 of 6)

21st Aug - Ps Michael (Reboot 4 of 6) (HC)

28th Aug - Ps Simon Say (TEACHERS' SUNDAY)


4th Sep  -  Ps Michael (Reboot 5 of 6) (HC)

11th Sep - Ps Michael (Reboot 6 of 6)

18th Sep - Ps Joe (HC)

25th Sep - Ps Ben


2nd Oct  - Rev Dr Timothy Chong (Dean of Indonesia)

9th Oct  -  Agape Kids (Children Sunday)

16th Oct - Ps Joe (HC)

23rd Oct - Ps Ben 

30th Oct - Dr Chan Shaw Yan


6th Nov  -  Ps Joseph (HC)

13th Nov - Abp Stephen Than (new)


27th Nov - Rev Stephen Lim from St Matthew's Church (Ps Mike in Tg Pinang mission and Ps Joe on leave)


4th Dec  -   Ps Michael (HC)

11th Dec -  Mr Benny Ong (Evergreen Sunday)

18th Dec -  Mrs Lucy Toh (Pre-Christmas Thanksgiving Service)

25th Dec -  Rev Joseph You (CHRISTMAS)



05 Jan   -   Rev Michael Teh (VISION 2014)

12 Jan   -   Ps Charles Tewer

19 Jan   -   Rev Michael Teh

26 Jan   -   Ps Ben Lee


02 Feb   -   CNY Special Service (Rev Michael Teh)

09 Feb   -   Ps Charles Tewer

16 Feb   -   Rev Joseph You

23 Feb   -   Ps Ben Lee


02 Mar   -   Dr Chan Shaw Yan 

09 Mar   -   Mrs Ewing-Chow (Women's Sunday)

16 Mar   -   Rev Joseph You

23 Mar   -   Rev Michael Teh (BB Enrolment Sunday)

30 Mar   -   Rev Michael Teh (AGM Sunday)


06 Apr   -   Dr Jimmy How (SACH/SAMH Sunday)

13 Apr   -   MR LIM SIONG GUAN (GIC Group President)

18 Apr   -   GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE - Rev Joseph You

20 Apr   -   Rev Titus Lum (Combined Resurrection Sunday Service + Baptism)

27 Apr   -   Ps Ben Lee


04 May   -   Rev Michael Teh

11 May   -   Ps Ben Lee (Mother's Day)

18 May   -   Bro Joseph Chean

25 May   -   Ps Richard Tien (NZ)




6th Jan-    Rev Michael Teh

13th Jan-  Ps Charles Tewer

20th Jan-  Ven Wong Tak Meng

27th Jan-  Ps Ben Lee


3rd Feb-    Rev Michael Teh

10th Feb-  Ps Ben Lee

17th Feb-  Ps Charles

24th Feb-  Ps Ben Lee


3rd Mar-    Rev Michael Teh

10th Mar-  Sis Adeline Lau (WOMEN'S SUNDAY)

17th Mar-  Rev Raju

24th Mar-  Bro L.T. Jeyanchandran

31st Mar-  Rev Michael Teh


7th Apr  -  Rev Michael Teh (BB ENROLMENT SVC)

14th Apr-  Ps Ben Lee

21st Apr-  Dr Chan Saw Yan (SACS SSUNDAY)

28th Apr-  Rev Michael Teh (LEADERS' COMMISSIONING SVC)


5th May  - Rev Michael Teh

12th May- Ps Charles Tewer

19th May- Rev Michael Teh (CHS ANNIVERSARY)

26th May- Ps Ben Lee


2nd Jun -  Rev Michael Teh

9th Jun -   Ps Charles Tewer

16th Jun - Rev Michael Teh (Day 1 of Family Camp)

23rd Jun - Ps Ben Lee

30th Jun - Ven Wong Tak Meng


7th Jul   -  Mr Aaron Ho

14th Jul -  Ps Charles Tewer

21st Jul -   Rev Michael Teh

28th Jul -  Ps Ben Lee


4th Aug  -  Rev Michael Teh

11th Aug -  Ps Charles Tewer (Vicar on Anglican Schools Conf in Melbourne)

18th Aug -  CONFIRMATION SUNDAY (Bishop Yong Cheng Fah)

25th Aug -  Ps Ben Lee


1st Sep   -  Rev Michael Teh

8th Sep   -  Ps Charles Tewer

15th Sep -  Rev Michael Teh

22nd Sep -  Ps Ben Lee

29th Sep -  To be advised


6th Oct   -   Sis Kim Chean (Children Sunday)

13th Oct -   Ps Charles Tewer

20th Oct -   Rev Michael Teh

27th Oct -   Ps Ben Lee


3rd Nov   -   Rev Dr Desmond Soh

10th Nov -   Rev Michael Teh

17th Nov -   Rev William Tham

24th Nov -   Dr Jimmy How


1st Dec   -   Rev Michael Teh

8th Dec   -   Dr Luke Yik

15th Dec -

22nd Dec -  Rev George Tay


29th Dec  -  Very Rev Kuan Kim Seng (Dean and Vicar of St Andrew's Cathedral)




1st Jan - Rev Michael Teh

8th Jan -Ps Ben Lee

15th Jan-Rev Michael Teh

22nd Jan-Ps Ben Lee

29th Jan- Ps Charles Tewer

5th Feb-Rev Michael Teh

12th Feb- Ps Ben Lee

19th Feb- Ps Ben Lee

26th Feb- Ms Lim Soo Hoon (WOMEN'S SUNDAY)

4th Mar- Dr Des Short

11th Mar- Ps Ben Lee

18th Mar- Rev Michael Teh

25th Mar- Rev Michael Teh (AGM SUNDAY)

1st Apr - Dr Chan Saw Yan (PALM SUNDAY)

6th Apr - Rev Michael Teh (GOOD FRIDAY)


15th Apr - Ps Charles Tewer

22nd Apr - Ps Ben Lee

29th Apr - Ven Wong Tak Meng (SACS SUNDAY)

6th May - Rev Michael Teh

13th May - Ps Ben Lee (MOTHERS' DAY)

20th May - Dr Jimmy How


3rd Jun - Rev Michael Teh

10th Jun - Ps Ben Lee

17th Jun - Rev Michael Teh (FATHERS' DAY)

24th Jun - Ps Ben Lee

1st Jul

8th Jul

15th Jul

22nd Jul

29th Jul

5th Aug - Rev Michael Teh

12th Aug - Rev Peter Manimuthu (SeaFarers' Sunday)

19th Aug - Ps Charles Tewer

26th Aug - Bro L.T. Jeyachandran

2nd Sep - Ms Seah Jiak Choo (Combined Svc with COA & COR for Education Sunday)

9th Sep - Ps Charles Tewer

16th Sep - Bishop John Chew (Confirmation Service)

23rd Sep - Ps Ben Lee

30th Sep - Ps Hambali (Children's Sunday)

Sat 6th Oct - Rev Michael Teh (HC)

14th Oct - Ps Charles Tewer (Indian Work Sunday)

21st Oct - Ven Wong Tak Meng (HC)

28th Oct - Ps Ben Lee

4th Nov - Bro Ching Cheong

11th Nov - Ven Wong Tak Meng (HC)

18th Nov - Ps Ben Lee

25th Nov - Dr Jimmy How

2nd Dec - To be advised

9th Dec - Ps Ben Lee

16th Dec - Ps Charles Tewer

23rd Dec - Dr Luke Yik

Tue 25th Dec - CHRISTMAS SERVICE - Ps Aow Kwong Boo

30th Dec - THANKSGIVING SERVICE with testimonies from CHS members





2nd Jan-Rev Michael Teh

9th Jan-Ps Ben Lee

16th Jan-Rev Michael Teh

23rd Jan-Rev Michael Teh

30th Jan-Bro Galven Lee (YOUNG ADULTS' SUNDAY)


6th Feb-Bishop John Tan

13th Feb-Rev Canon Wong Tak Meng

20th Feb-Rev Michael Teh

27th Feb-Mrs Eunice Tay (WOMEN'S SUNDAY)


6th Mar - Bro Joseph Chean

13th Mar-Dr Jimmy How

20th Mar-Rev Michael Teh (BB ENROLMENT SERVICE)

27th Mar-Ps Ben Lee (AGM SUNDAY)


3rd Apr-Rev Canon Wong Tak Meng (SACS SUNDAY)

10th Apr- Dr Chan Saw Yan

17th Apr- Rev Michael Teh

22nd Apr-GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE - Rev Dr Philip Huan



1st May- Rev Michael Teh

8th May- Rev Michael Teh (MOTHERS' DAY)

15th May- Rev George Tay

22nd May- Bishop John Tan

29th May - Ps Ben Lee


5th Jun-Camp Speaker (Service at Pulai Springs Ayu Cinta)


19th Jun- Ps Ben Lee (FATHERS' DAY)

26th Jun- Ps Gan Kim Choon


3rd Jul - Rev Michael Teh (Youth Sunday)

10th Jul - Ps Ben Lee

17th Jul - Rev Michael Teh

24th Jul - Ps Ben Lee

31st Jul - Ps Darrow Miller


7th Aug - Archdeacon Wong Tak Meng

14th Aug - Ps Ben Lee

21st Aug - Rev Michael Teh

28th Aug - Ps Ben Lee


4th Sep - Rev Michael Teh

11th Sep - Ps Ben Lee

18th Sep - Archbishop John Chew (Confirmation Service)

25th Sep - Sis Gwen De Rosario (Children Sunday)




3rd Jan -Rev Michael Teh

10th Jan-Bishop John Tan (January Special Speaker)

17th Jan-Rev Michael Teh

24th Jan-Ps Ben Lee

31st Jan-Rev Michael Teh (Young Adult Sunday)


7th Feb-Rev Rusty Russell (USA) (February Special Speaker)

14th Feb-Rev Titus Lum (Combined CNY service)

21st Feb-Rev Michael Teh

28th Feb -Mrs Simon Chan (Women's Sunday)


7th Mar-Ps Ben Lee

14th Mar-Rev Adrian van Leen (Perth, Australia) (Lookout Ministry)

21st Mar-Rev Michael Teh (BB Enrolment Svc + Lunch)

28th Mar-Rev Michael Teh (AGM)


2nd Apr (Fri)-Rev Michael Teh (Good Friday Svc)

4th Apr -Rev Titus Lum (Resurrection Sunday combined service)

11th Apr-Ps Gerald Boon

18th Apr -Rev Michael Teh (Leaders' Commission Svc)

25th Apr-Archbishop Stephen Than (Church of the Province of Myanmar)


2nd May-Rev Michael Teh

9th May-MAY SPECIAL SPEAKER (Mothers' Day)

16th May-Ps Ben Lee

23rd May-Canon Dr James Wong (CHS 30th Anniversary Service + Lunch)

30th May-Rev Michael Teh


6th Jun-Ps Ben Lee (Rev Teh at Thai-Myanmar border)

13th Jun-Bro Joseph Chean (Rev Teh preaching at COA at 9 am)

20th Jun-Rev Michael Teh (Fathers' Day)

27th Jun-Ps Glenda Watson (USA) (Rev Teh preaching at Mandarin Svc)


4th Jul-Ps Gerald Boon (Youth Sunday)

11th Jul-Ps Ben Lee (Rev Teh with CHS team to St Luke's Church, Kluang)

18th Jul-Rev Michael Teh

25th Jul-Rev Tim O'Connell (Jul Special Speaker)


1st Aug-Most Rev Dr John Chew (Confirmation Service)

8th Aug-Rev Michael Teh (Service at 4.00 pm)

15th Aug-Rev Ross Tooley (YWAM)

22nd Aug-Rev Michael Teh

29th Aug-Rev Michael Teh


5th Sep-Bro L.T. Jeyachandran

12th Sep-Rev Michael Teh

19th Sep-Dr Chan Saw Yan

26th Sep-Viria Bowell (YWAM)


3rd Oct-Dr Ngoei (TTC Sunday)

10th Oct-Ps Don & Angelina Boots

17th Oct-Rev Michael Teh (Svc at 8.00 am in view of MEDICAL SUNDAY)

24th Oct-Bro Joseph Chean

31st Oct -Rev Michael Teh


7th Nov-Bro Andrew Greeff (Worship Director of Harvest City Church)

14th Nov-Rev Michael Teh

21st Nov-Rev Michael Teh

28th Nov-Ps Ben Lee


5th Dec -Rev George Tay

12th Dec -Rev Dr Albert Ting (Principal of SBC)

19th Dec-Rev Mang Herh (MPO Board Yangon Chairman)

25th Dec-CHRISTMAS DAY SERVICE (Baptism Service)

26th Dec-Rev Michael Teh

31st Dec-THANKSGIVING SERVICE (8.00 pm) (Anniversary Finale Dinner Celebration at 6pm!)



4th Jan (HC)-Rev Michael Teh

11th Jan -Bishop John Tan

18th Jan (HC)-Dr Luke Yik

25th Jan-Rev Michael Teh

1st Feb (HC)-Rev Michael Teh (Provincial Sunday)

8th Feb -Rev Michael Teh (Special Collection For ACROSS - Anglican Hospital in Gaza)

15th Feb (HC)-Rev Michael Teh

22nd Feb -Ps Lai Kheng Pousson (Women's Sunday)

1st Mar (HC)- Rev Vincent Hoon

8th Mar -Rev Michael Teh

15th Mar- Dr Lim Koon Jin

22nd Mar-Bro Daryl Tan (BB Enrolment Service)

29th Mar-Rev Michael Teh (CHS AGM)

5th Apr (HC)- Rev Michael Teh

10th Apr- Rev Michael Teh (Good Friday Service)

12th Apr (HC)-Rev Titus Lum (Combined Service - Translation into English)

19th Apr-Rev Michael Teh

26th Apr-Ps Daniel Hendrata

3rd May (HC)- Rev Michael Teh

10th May- Rev Michael Teh

17th May (HC) -Bro Joseph Chean

24th May- Abp John Chew (Vicar's Induction Svc)

31st May-Rev Michael Teh

7th Jun (HC)- Rev Ian Peters (Family Camp at Malacca)

14th Jun-Mr Jason Wong (Fathers' Day)

21st Jun-Ps Ben Lee

28th Jun (HC)-Rev Michael Teh

5th Jul-Ps Gerald Boon (Youth Sunday)

12th Jul (HC)-Bishop John Tan (Confirmation Sunday)

19th Jul-Rev Michael Teh

26th Jul- Ps Benjamin Lee

2nd Aug (HC)- Bishop Yong

9th Aug - Mr Hugo Chan

16th Aug - Dr Jimmy How

23rd Aug (HC) -Rev Michael Teh

30th Aug- Bro Micha'el Ben David (Teachers' Sunday)

6th Sep (HC)- Rev Michael Teh

13th Sep- Rev Michael Teh

20th Sep (HC)-Dr Guy Peh (Evangelistic Service)

27th Sep- Ms Gwen Rosario (Children's Sunday)

4th Oct(HC)-Rev Michael Teh

11th Oct-Dr Luke Yik

18th Oct (HC)-Rev Michael Teh

25th Oct - Rev Michael Teh (Medical Sunday)

1st Nov (HC)-Rev Vincent Hoon (Missions Sunday)

8th Nov- Dr Bruce Allen

15th Nov (HC)- Ps Ben Lee

22nd Nov-Dr Ngoei (TTC Sunday)


6th Dec (HC)-

13th Dec-

20th Dec (HC)-

25th Dec (Fri)-Christmas Svc

27th Dec-

31st Dec (Thu)-Thanksgiving cum Watchnight Svc (10 am to 12 midnight)



JULY 2008

6th July (HC)-Ps Robin John (FourSquare Gospel Church)

13th July-Rev Michael Teh (YOUTH SUNDAY)

20th July (HC)-Bishop John Tan (CONFIRMATION SUNDAY) + Fellowship Lunch

27th July-Rev Hwa Chih (THEOLOGICAL SUNDAY)



3rd Aug (HC)-Rev Michael Teh + Fellowship Lunch

10th Aug -Dr Roland Chia (TTC SUNDAY)

17th Aug (HC)-Rev Michael Teh

24th Aug -Rev Michael Teh

31st Aug -Rev Michael Teh



7th Sep (HC)-Dr Luke Yik + Fellowship Lunch

14th Sep-Rev Michael Teh

21st Sep (HC)-Ps Salmon Periyanayakam (TAMIL WORK SUNDAY)

28th Sep-Rev Michael Teh (CHILDREN SUNDAY)



5th Oct (HC)-Ps Aaron Chan

12th Oct -Dr Jimmy How

19th Oct (HC)-Rev Michael Teh

26th Oct -Rev Michael Teh



2nd Nov (HC)-Rev Michael Teh [MEDICAL SUNDAY]

9th Nov -Dr Lim Koon Jin (Rev Teh is preaching at another Anglican parish)

16th Nov (HC)-Rev Michael Teh

23rd Nov -Rev Michael Teh



7th Dec 08(HC)-Rev Michael Teh

14th Dec 08-Rev Michael Teh

21st Dec 08(HC)-Bishop Moses Tay

25th Dec 08(HC)-Bishop Moses Tay [CHRISTMAS DAY + Baptism]

28th Dec 08-Rev Michael Teh