The Evergreen Ministry is a vibrant community that aims to provide fellowship, support, and outreach opportunities to all members who are 60 years and above. The name “Evergreen” reflects the idea that members of this ministry are evergreen, always growing and thriving in their faith and in their relationships with one another.

The Evergreen Ministry believes that God has blessed each member with unique talents, gifts, and experiences that can be used to serve others within the CHS community as well as the wider community. Members are encouraged to participate in various outreach activities and to share their faith with others in meaningful ways.

In addition to outreach, the Evergreen Ministry is also a space for fellowship and support. Members regularly meet for social events, Bible studies, and prayer meetings, providing an opportunity to build deeper relationships with one another and to grow in their faith together. This sense of community and support is especially important for seniors who may feel isolated or lonely.

The Evergreen Ministry is committed to being a vibrant and active ministry, providing opportunities for members to serve, grow, and connect with one another. It is a place where seniors can continue to thrive and be a blessing to others, both within CHS and in the wider community.