The Boys’ Brigade

SASS-BB (7th Coy)

CHAPLAIN           :  Revd Gary Chng
CAPTAIN              :  Mr Daren Hoon

ACHIEVEMENT FOR 2016, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 : GOLD

The 7th BB Company (St Andrew’s Secondary School)

The History of 7th Coy

The 7th BB Singapore Company was established in 1937 in St Andrew’s School (then at Stamford Road) and officially registered in 1939.

It was founded by Mr George Ee and the Chaplain was Rev A.C. Dumper and the it started with 10 Boys.

The 7th BB Company was the last of such BB companies to be formed before World War II.  Of the 7 BB companies, only the 5th and 7th BB Companies numbers are still used by the original companies today.

Parades were stopped in 1942 due to the Japanese occupation.  BB activities were resumed in 1946 under Mr Chong Hock Hai as Captain with a company strength of 46 Boys.

In ites early years, the Company was renowened in the then Singapore Battalion for its prowess in soccer, drill and the Company brass band.

Several notable persons who have come from the ranks of the 7th BB Company are:

*  Mr Lim Leong Geok – Architect & son of war hero Lim Bo Seng

* Professor Arthur Lim – renowned eye surgeon

* Dr Earl Lu – Artist

* Mr Harry Tan – Educationist and Principal of St Andrew’s Secondary School

Several old Boys of the 7th BB Company have also assisted in the establishment of other Companies such as 4th, the 21st and the 87th BB Companies.

We are sponsored by the Chapel Of The Holy Spirit, which provides chaplaincy for St Andrew’s Secondary School.