Sun 7th Apr   BB Enrolment Svc (Revd Joseph You) + Family Camp Com Mtg

Mon 8th Apr   Office Closed

Tue 9th Apr    

Wed 10th Apr [Vicar on leave] + CHS Prayer (7.30 pm)

Thu 11th Apr  [Vicar on leave]

Fri 12th Apr    [Vicar on leave]

Sat 13th Apr   [Vicar on leave] + Evergreen Com Mtg (11 am)

Sun 14th Apr  Svc - Ps Gary 

Mon 15th Apr  Office Closed

Tue 16th Apr   

Wed 17th Apr  PCC Mtg #1 (7.30 pm)

Thu 18th Apr  Office Closed in the afternoon

Fri 19th Apr    Good Friday Svc (10.30 am) - Ps Gary

Sat 20th Apr   [Memorial Svcs at various location]

Sun 21st Apr   Resurrection Sunday (10.30 am) - Ps Mike

Mon 22nd Apr  Office Closed

Tue 23rd Apr   Staff Mtg (2 pm)

Wed 24th Apr 

Thu 25th Apr  

Fri 26th Apr 

Sat 27th Apr   DGL Gathering (10 am) + CE on Amos & Hosea (1.00 pm)

Sun 28th Apr  Svc - Ps Mike + Leaders' Dedication + Soccer game against COOS (4 pm)

Mon 29th Apr  Office Closed

Tue 30th Apr



Wed 1st May   PUBLIC HOLIDAY + SAIB Games Day at SAJC & Svc at CHS

Thu 2nd May

Fri 3rd May   

Sat 4th May    CE on Amos & Hosea (1 pm)

Sun 5th May    Svc - Ps Ben 

Mon 6th May   Office Closed

Tue 7th May

Wed 8th May  CHS Prayer (7.30 pm)

Thu 9th May

Fri 10th May    Wedding rehearsal (7 pm)

Sat 11th May   CE on Amos & Hosea (1 pm) Final

Sun 12th May  Mothers' Day Svc - Ps Mike + Wedding at CHS (3pm)

Mon 13th May  Office Closed

Tue 14th May   Staff Mtg (2 pm)

Wed 15th May

Thu 16th May

Fri 17th May    Celebration of Hope Rally at National Stadium

Sat 18th May   Celebration of Hope Rallies at National Stadium (am & evening)

Sun 19th May   No Service (Members encourage to bring friends to Celebration of Hope rally at National Stadium)


Tue 21st May    Office Closed

Wed 22nd May   

Thu 23rd May

Fri 24th May     

Sat 25th May

Sun 26th May   Ps Gary (10.30 am)

Mon 27th May   Office Closed

Tue 28th May

Wed 29th May  

Thu 30th May   B.O.G. Mtg (5.30 pm)

Fri 31st May     End-of-term svc at SASS