Mission & Vision

Diocesan Mission:

Our purpose is to glorify God by our obedience to the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have a special responsibility to work together to mobilize resources to plant and grow bilingual churches in every country of our Diocese. We look forward to the eventual formation of a Diocese in each country. We are convinced that this mission can be completed as we unite in love and sacrifice.

Diocesan Vision:

We believe that God wants the Diocese of Singapore to become a unified network of autonomous churches characterized by:

Congregational worship that is a wholehearted and meaningful celebration Exercise of the gifts of the Holy Spirit Biblical preaching and teaching that is lively, faith-building and relevant Prayerful dependence on God Discipleship for all members through cell groups and community Members equipped for effective ministry in the world Missionary entrepreneurship through church-planting, cross cultural outreach, or partnership with other churches.